Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mesa Temple Lights

The Mesa Temple lights were such a fun experience this year.  Rylee loved looking at all of the lights and pointing to the baby Jesus.  It was the perfect family night to get us all in the Christmas spirit.

As a side note: Rylee usually smiles now when I tell her to!  It only lasts for a few seconds though, so I have to be ready. Oh, she is so stinkin' cute :)   

Zoo Visit

A couple of weeks ago, Rylee and I went to the Phoenix Zoo with our friends, Erin and Sicily.  Sicily is 4 months younger than Rylee, and they are becoming the cutest little friends.  I just love them!

Rylee is at such a fun age for the zoo.  She knows a lot of the animal names and loved pointing to all of the animals and yelling their name over and over :)  She got really good at "elephant" while we were there!  The zoo also has a goat petting zoo.  Rylee wasn't afraid at all, and it didn't take long before she was going from goat to goat to pet every one of them :)

We spent a long time watching this "monkey" care for her newborn baby!  It was so neat.

Venturing into the goat petting zoo.

She was seriously ready to climb in there with that cow

Thanks Erin and Sicily for a fun day at the zoo!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

15 Months

I wrote this post closer to when Rylee actually turned 15 months, but I never got around to adding the pictures.  It has been almost 2 weeks since she turned 15 months, but better late than never, right?!

It's crazy how time flies.  Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that I took my teeny newborn home.  And other times I seriously can't remember what life was like before Rylee was here - like she's been here forever.  One thing is for sure: my life is filled with so much more love and happiness because Rylee is in it, and being her mom is one of the greatest privileges of my life.

- She has her front 8 teeth and 1 molar.  The other three matching molars are all on their way though! 
- She has become a crazy dancer!  Over the last month, her repertoire of dance moves has expanded a ton, and she is quite entertaining to watch.  She loves dancing. 
- She is going to be one of those 3 year olds that talks your ear off! She talks my ear off even now, but most of it I can't understand :)  It is amazing how many words she says, and how quickly she picks up on different words.  In addition to last month's list, she says, "down, bowl, spoon, dog, please, key, toe, Nana, Papa, bow, up, blankie, book, bike, cookie, cracker, rock, yuck, stuck, help, water, bye, car, milk" I'm sure there are more that I can't think of at the moment.  This brings the count to over 30 words!  It is truly amazing watching her learn so quickly.  And it makes life so much easier now that she can communicate so well!
- Now when she wants something, I say, "What do you say?" and she says, "Please!"  It's too cute.  
- One day, Andrew or I sneezed, and Rylee immediately said what sounded like, "Bless you!" We were shocked but thought it was a strange coincidence.  Well sure enough, most every time someone sneezes, Rylee responds with, "Bless you!"  It's the cutest thing.  And it's so crazy that she picked up on that all by herself.
-  She also started responding, "Ok!" to most everything we say.  It is too cute. (Have you noticed that everything she does is "too cute"). "Rylee, let's go outside!"  "Ok!"  "We need to clean up before we get out that toy" "OK!"  
- She is becoming quite independent.  She wants to brush her teeth by herself and throws a huge fit when we try to do it for her...  And she's really wanting to feed herself with a spoon and fork.  I'm still trying as often as possible to feed her because I'm not looking forward to the constant messes, but I know it's inevitable so I should just give in. 
 - She is becoming a master of the playground.  She used to crawl up all the steps, but now she holds onto the railings and steps up each one.  She climbs up and goes down the slide by herself over and over and over. 
- She is very meticulous.  She will sit for long periods of time and put all of the scrabble pieces one by one into a bag.  Or place all of the Boggle dice into the grid one by one.  Or stack up a deck of cards - and she makes sure they are all facing the same way. She loves it!
- She loves flipping through books and finding pictures of all of the words that she knows.  If she finds one, she will yell out the word over and over until I acknowledge her :)
- She has started to hate bed time more and more.  She throws a fit almost every time we walk into her room to get her ready for bed.  She just loves being awake!  But after she realizes she has lost the fight (she never wins... I don't know why she keeps trying with so much determination!) she usually falls asleep quickly, and she sleeps great.  Usually she sleeps from 8ish at night to 7ish in the morning. (She used to wake up at 6, so I'm loving this!) And she usually takes a 2 and a half hour nap.
- She recently discovered her belly button, and now she absolutely loves it.  She walks around with her finger on it.
- She points out Jesus or the temple anytime there is a picture with one of them.
- She loves making connections.  She will find a clock in a book and then point to the clock on the wall.  Or she'll see a picture of Daddy and point to it and then point to Andrew.  
- She's obsessed with putting lids on things.
- She's pretty good at putting together her safari chunky puzzle! She usually gets frustrated if the piece doesn't go in immediately, but with some time, she can do the whole thing by herself.
- She is usually pretty social and will walk up to anyone with a big smile on her face and say, "HI!"
- She would spend ALL day outside if I let her.

So much fun with two empty milk cartons!

First Daddy Daughter date at Chick-fil-a!

She will stay in the swings forever!

She got her first haircut this last month, and she really needed it!  She had an intense baby mullet and now has a stinkin' cute, little bob :)
She loves lining up all of her bath toys on the side of the bath

Monday, November 17, 2014


Each holiday gets more and more fun as Rylee gets older.  I thought she'd still be too young to understand tick-or-treating, but she totally got it, and she loved it!  Both Rylee and Claire dressed up as Tinkerbell, and it was so much fun seeing two cute Tinkerbells go up to each door to get candy.  Rylee was so good at walking up to the door, knocking, and waiting for them to open it.  And when they offered her the bowl of candy, she would take one, put it in her basket, and turn around to go to the next house.  Too cute.  Claire was so sweet and always made sure that she got a piece and Rylee got a piece before they left :)  It was quite a funny sight seeing our huge group of adults at each door for two little toddlers.  The weather was amazing, and it was a wonderful Halloween in Utah.

Andrew didn't have room for his John costume in his suitcase.  His mom had this costume, and he decided to wear it!  It was pretty hilarious

My tired little Tinkerbell

Checking out her stash!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wheeler Farm

It was so fun being in Utah for Halloween.  The girls painted pumpkins the night before, and the adults carved them once the kids were in bed.  Halloween day was packed with fun activities at Wheeler Farm.  The girls loved it!  Rylee, as always, loved seeing all of the animals, and she loved running around in the amazing weather.  It was the perfect morning.  

Playing with Daddy in the fun toy tent after getting cleaned up from painting

The cutest cousins in their Halloween shirts

This girl is obsessed with her Daddy.  I love it :)

Watching the ducks

We were trying to get a picture of these two on the cute bench, but for some reason Rylee kept wanting to put her legs up like this!  Not very flattering in a skirt :)  We were all dying laughing
Much better :)
We love this cute, smiley girl

She ran straight up to pet the goat.  This girl has no fear. 

She thinks it soo funny when she takes off running and Daddy has to go snatch her up :)

Holding hands :)

Our cute clan

Playing in the leaves