Thursday, March 19, 2015

28 weeks

I have been horrible at documenting my pregnancy this time around!  But this pregnancy has gone by so much faster than Rylee's!  This is a horrible picture, but if we wait for me to take another one, I could be 35 weeks before I get it up.  I'm 28 weeks today - 3rd trimester!

I'm starting to get very large, but I really can't complain about anything.  I can't believe how lucky I am with my pregnancies.  I got stomach aches regularly in the first half of pregnancy, but I wasn't nauseous and no throwing up.  I had a couple of weeks of frequent headaches, and I'm starting to get acid reflux, but other than that, it has been great!  I haven't been sick at all, but it definitely is harder being pregnant when you have a toddler to chase around.  All this bending down to pick her up or pick up dropped food or play on the floor with her is exhausting!  I really do love being pregnant though, and I'm trying to enjoy every day.

My favorite moments are when I'm rocking Rylee to sleep for her nap, and I can feel my little boy kicking inside of me.  It's so special to have my two babies so close to me :) Rylee loves to touch my belly and say hi to her little brother.  Any time I'm shopping for boy clothes, she knows they're for him.  She talks about him a lot, and it makes me wonder how much she understands!

It's crazy to think that in a couple of months, Andrew and I will have TWO kids!  So so crazy.  We are beyond excited!  We're decorating his nursery in everything baseball, and we already have all of the decorations.  We're so excited to put it all together after busy season next month.

At my doctor's appointment two days ago, I was measuring big, so we'll see if this guy comes early like his sister!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Rylee has been super into coloring lately. She will sit at our kitchen table and color independently for long periods of time.  However, she also likes when I sit next to her so she can tell me to draw things on her paper.  The most common things she wants me to draw are stars, flowers, snowmen, snakes, smiley faces, and shapes.  Thanks to all of this coloring, she has started to master her colors!  For a long time, she would answer "RED!" whenever I asked her what color anything was.  But now she thinks about it and usually gets it right.  When we're out and about, she'll point out things like, "blue car" or "purple flowers." I love teaching my little girl new things and watching her learn.

Anyway, since she is so into coloring lately and since it has been so warm outside, I decided to introduce Rylee to chalk.  It was pretty much the best day ever :)  She thought it was the greatest.

The only problem was that lately, she doesn't like her hands to be dirty.  So I was constantly wiping them off.  Silly girl :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Micah Visits

Micah (one of my college roommates) came to visit me with her cute 1-year old, James.  It was so much fun to be together again and to see our kids interact.  Rylee just loved James and always made sure he was close by.  James watched everything Rylee did. It totally made me wish we lived next door so they could play together all the time :) It was so fun to be with an old roommate and reminisce on good times.  I'm so grateful for Micah, and I just love her and her sweet baby boy!

I already posted some pictures with Micah and James on my birthday, but here are some from the other days.  Sadly, Rylee was sick with an eye and ear infection on the last day and a half that they were here, so we didn't get to do all that I had planned :(  Guess that means they will have to come visit again soon!!

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday this year was wonderful, and I essentially got two whole days of celebration :) My birthday was on a Saturday, and we knew it was going to be a bit of a crazy day with some deadlines for work and a huge stake party that was going on.  So we decided to celebrate with our little family  the week before.  It started with a relaxing morning of coloring.  Rylee LOVES to color now, and she seriously will sit in her chair and color forever.  I love when she lays her head on her arm like this as if she is concentrating so hard!

Then we took a family outing to the park which Rylee of course loved.  As they were walking here, Rylee lifted up her hand and said, "Hand!" to Daddy.  That girl is seriously in love with Andrew.

After nap time, we all headed to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner :)  We weren't sure if we wanted to drop Rylee off at a friends' house or take her with us, but we ended up deciding to go as the whole family.  I'm SOO glad we did because Rylee was a complete angel!  She loved using the booster seat instead of the high chair, and she happily colored almost the entire time.  (She also loved playing with the crab pincher). It really was so fun to be there all together, and the food was amazing.  Andrew doesn't love sea food, so I always feel so spoiled when we go on my birthday.   (And I looked up all the rules about what a pregnant person can/should eat before diving in to this meal :))

After, we stopped by JCPenney for some shopping and then headed to ColdStone for some Birthday Cake Remix. Since we've been in Arizona, we go to Bahama Buck every time we want a treat, so it was fun to mix it up and get some ice cream.  So so yummy.

On my actual birthday, one of my BYU roommates was in town with her son visiting me!  It was so fun to have them here (a post on their visit coming soon :))  The morning started with some beautiful flowers from my hubby, and then he went out on a Craigslist run for me to get a dresser for the baby's room :)  We officially have everything we need to put the room together!  We just need to do it (which we will tackle as soon as busy season is over).  After naps for all of us, we went to Shindig 25 which was a huge stake party celebrating the 25th anniversary of our stake.  But since it was my 25th birthday, we pretended it was a huge party for me ;)  It really was an amazing event, and we had so much fun!

This was a huge map of everywhere people in the stake have served missions. Andrew added his little sticker to Chile!

She was supposed to be eating some dinner but enjoyed a huge candy stick instead

Getting my bean bag toss on!

After the party, we came home and had birthday cake.  Rylee loved singing to me and helping me blow out the candles.  She actually sang "Happy Birthday to you" a million times throughout the day, which I loved :)  Andrew got this HUGE chocolate cake which was delicious.

We put the babes to bed and then watched the latest Hunger Games movie (we were probably the last people in the world to see it).  It was such a wonderful couple days of celebration.  Thanks to everyone, especially my husband, who made it so special!

Friday, February 20, 2015

18 Months

Just like that, a year and a half is gone.  Andrew and I freak out when we look at pictures of Rylee as a baby because it's honestly hard to even remember what it was like back then!  Isn't that sad?!  I'm so glad I wrote in my journal a lot and documented on here because it's weird to think that she wasn't always this crazy, talkative toddler running around.  We sure love her.  Nearly everyday after we put her to bed, Andrew and I just sit on the couch and talk about how we can't believe how cute she is.  Or how good.  Or hilarious.  Or fun.  She is just such a good girl, and she makes our lives soo happy.  We feel beyond blessed to be her parents and are trying to soak in every day of our family of three.

Here is a little about Rylee right now:

- She loves to sing along to songs; it's my favorite.  Her favorites are the songs from Frozen.  She will dance around and belt out every fourth word or so.  It's too cute.  Her favorite song to sing at bed time lately is "I Love to See the Temple."  Any time I try to start singing a different primary song, she says, "more temple."  So we sing that one over and over :)  She also loves singing Once There Was a Snowman, Isty Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I'm a Little Teapot, etc.  She asks for those by name as well, and we usually sing them daily.
- Up until recently, she would always count, "2, 3, 6, 7, 9."  It was always the same.  But recently she started saying all of the numbers 2 - 9 except she always skips 8 :)
- She is a little talker.  I love when we get back from an event and she'll tell us all about what happened (in very few words of course).  For example, we recently started going to an infant dance class (SO fun!  She loves it!).  When we get home, I'll ask her if she had fun at dance and she'll say something like, "Run, run, run!  Spin.  Circles."  Or the other day I had to do something, so I dropped her off at a friend's house.  She was sad for about 10 seconds after I left and then was fine.  When we were walking back home after I picked her up, I asked her if she had fun.  Our conversation went like this:
Rylee:  "Doggie!"
Me; "You played with the doggie?!"
Rylee: "Yeah. Mommy bye-bye."
Me: "I know, Mommy had to say bye-bye."
Rylee:  "Crying."  (Pointing to her eyes)
Me: "Did you cry when I left?"
Rylee: "Wahhh" (Fake crying to show me how it happened :))
It is so fun to be able to communicate and have limited conversations :)
- She is super into possession.  She likes to point out, "Rylee's baby" or "Daddy's shirt" or "Mommy's purse" etc.  We'll sit at the table and each have a cup, and she'll point to each one and say "Daddy's, Mommy's, Rylee's."
- We started nursery, and it has been okay.  She absolutely loved it the first time, and didn't cry at all.  But the next two times have been a bit more difficult. She cries when we leave but usually calms down pretty quickly.  But then we're told that she is pretty sensitive the rest of the time.  If someone touches her shoe or takes her crayon or anything like that, she starts crying.  I just worry about her the whole time!  I can't wait for the day when she runs in and doesn't care that we're not behind her ;)
- Even though she's going through a clingy stage and doesn't like to be left by mom or dad, she is still pretty social.  She loves saying hi to people at the store or running up to kids at the park and saying, "Hi!"
- She has the biggest sweet tooth and is obsessed with chocolate.  Her favorite phrase is, "More chocolate."  We have more meltdowns about sweets than anything else ;)
- We switched her to a big girl car seat this month!  She thinks it's pretty great.
- Other than her occasional "NOOOO!!!" tantrum, she really is such a happy girl.  She seriously loves her life and goes around smiling and laughing most of the day.  I love spending my days with her.
- She still wants her mommy when she is hurt or sad or at bedtime, but she is obsessed with her Daddy the rest of the time.  She loves playing with her Daddy, and loves when he is home.
- She is really into princesses lately ("princess" is one of her favorite words), and her favorite toy is a Little People castle with a bunch of different princesses.  She knows most of their names and loves playing princesses with Daddy :)
- She still loves puzzles, and her favorite book is currently "Hide and Snake" (which we read multiple times everyday).

We love our Rylee Renee!