Tuesday, April 15, 2014

8 Months

Each month I think, "Oh my goodness, this stage is my absolute favorite."  It just keeps getting better and better! I love being this perfect girl's mom!

- A couple days after she turned 7 months, Rylee started army crawling.  Now she's pro at it and army crawls all over the house! She's so good at it that I doubt she'll ever learn to crawl on all fours.  She does get on all fours by herself and rocks like crazy, so maybe one day :)
- She loves chasing balls all over the floor.
- She loves trying to pull herself up onto anything.  She often needs a little help though.  Her favorite position to be in is standing - against her toy table, the coffee table, the couch, anything!  She still LOVES to stand.
- Her favorite foods are bananas, strawberries, and sweet potatoes.
- She's getting good at chewing, so I can feed her little pieces of food instead of just pureed baby food.
- She is starting to really love when we read to her.  She's at the age where she wants to constantly be moving, but if we sit her on our lap to read to her, she'll sit perfectly still for a long time.  She loves her books.
- She is starting to wear her 9 month clothes.
- She is SUCH a talker lately and is constantly jabbering away.  Her favorite thing to say is "Da da da da" all day long, but she also says "ba ba," "ma ma," and "ya ya" (and lots of other gibberish that I'm not sure how to spell).  The other day we were in Target, and a man walked by and said, "Wow, she just doesn't stop talking does she?!"
- She still only has 2 teeth, but it looks like her top two will be in any day now.
- She loves slamming her hands on whatever she is standing on.  Lately she loves "playing" the piano.
- Her hair is in a crazy stage! It sticks straight up.  Hopefully when it gets a little longer, it will lay flat, but I absolutely love it. People are constantly commenting on it.
- I know I'm biased, but I swear she gets more beautiful everyday.  You'd think after 8 months we'd get over it, but Andrew and I are constantly saying, "Oh my goodness, she is so beautiful.  She is soo stinkin' cute.  I can't even believe how pretty she is!" I seriously can't get over it. Any time we go out, people are constantly stopping us to tell us the same thing :)
  - She used to just love grabbing and pulling my hair, but now she loves to run her fingers through it all the time.
- She loves the little parts to things - shoe laces, pull tabs on zippers, loose pieces of carpet, tags.  If a toy has a tag, that's the best part of the whole toy!
- She is starting to show her opinions!  If we take something away from her that she wants but can't have, she'll let us know she's upset! (It only lasts a couple seconds though).  Her cute personality is also coming through more and more.  She's a goofy girl who is constantly giggling and making us laugh.  She loves to smile at mommy and daddy.
- We're in the middle of transitioning from 3 to 2 naps.  One of those naps is {almost} always 1-1.5 hours long, and sometimes they both are.  She used to only take half an hour naps, so I'm loving this!

I have a feeling these photo shoots are just going to get more and more difficult.  She didn't want to sit still for very long!

She was happy when I let her get on the floor to play with her books :) She's such a beautiful girl.

This picture shows how fuzzy her head is right now.

And this is a good one showing her two bottom teeth!

I tried to upload a video of Rylee crawling around, but it wasn't working.  I'll try again soon :)  

Andrew and I love being parents!  She brings so much happiness to our home, and we are so grateful that she's ours.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Girl's trip to Utah

Rylee and I took a week-long trip to Utah.  We had such a wonderful time, but it feels great to be back home!  Here are the reasons we decided to go:

1.  My little brother, Zach, is in Men's Chorus at BYU.  They were having their big concert for the year, and I really wanted to go!  Zach always says that since he is the youngest, he had to go to all of the older kids events growing up, but none of us went to his because we were all gone! I wanted to see him doing something he loves.
2. My parents were going up to Utah for the week as well, so it was a good time to see them too.
3. It was the dead of busy season, and Andrew was swamped at work.  He always worries so much about his girls and stresses about getting home to us at a decent time. Rylee and I have long days at home without him, so it was a good time to get away.
4. Most of my old roommates and good friends back at Provo hadn't met Rylee yet.  They and I were so anxious to make it happen!
5.  Rylee hadn't seen her other grandparents since Christmas, and she has changed a ton since then!  We were excited to go see both sides of the family.

Our feelings about the decision to go to Utah:
1. It was good for all of us to have this trip happen during busy season.  Andrew could focus on work and put in his long hours without having to worry about us, and Rylee and I didn't have crazy long days at home without him.
2.  Being gone for an entire week was too long.  We missed Daddy waaay too much, and he hated coming home to an empty house.  Next time we'll go for 4ish days :)
3.  Next time we won't go over the weekend!  During the week, I knew Andrew was busy working, but I had such a hard time over the weekend (especially on Sunday), knowing Andrew was home all alone missing us.

Other than the fact that we missed Daddy like crazy, we had a wonderful time.  Here is a picture overload of our trip :)

Over Christmas Break, Rylee wasn't interested in the dog at all, and Brownie wouldn't come near her.  This time, Rylee was fascinated by him, and for some reason, Brownie came close and tolerated Rylee's "soft" pats.
Meeting my roommates :) (Is it weird I still call them that even though we obviously haven't been roommates for years?!)

After putting Rylee to bed, the four of us went to Roll-Up Crepes.  I sure love and miss these girls.  Thanks for a fun girls night out.  It had been WAY too long!
Lots of fun floor time with Grandma

Rylee at the Cannon Center!  Andrew and I joked that it will be fun to show her this picture when she's a freshman there!

At my little brother's concert.  It was amazing!
Visiting with our friends, Lara and Ruby

Out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa Peters and Uncle Adam
Playing with Grandma after church
Visiting Great Grandpa Peters

Rylee had a fun time at Great Grandma McCollough's house

This lasted for about 3 minutes...

Meeting Great Grandma Peters
Rylee and Uncle Adam
Grandma busted out the fun toys!

I couldn't even get her to look at me; she was too busy!

My cute girl waiting to take a bath

Bath time with Grandma is so fun!

Grandma Peters spoiled me by sending me to get a pedicure while she watched Rylee
Finally home with Daddy!  Rylee was soo happy to see him.  We missed him too much!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

7 Months

Time needs to slow down!  I am loving this stage with my perfect baby girl. She is so much fun.

- She has been sleeping on her side for months, but she just started sleeping all the way on her tummy.
- She can (and constantly does) roll in every direction.
- She wants to be moving so badly!  She gets so frustrated on her tummy when she can't go anywhere.  However, she can rotate herself in a circle while on her tummy, and she just started moving backwards.
- She makes the "ba ba" noise all the time.
- It takes her nearly an hour to fall asleep every night.  That girl would so much rather be awake than asleep. We were told not to use crib bumpers, but I think we're going to have to get some because she rolls all over the place before falling asleep, and we have to go in there a dozen times a night to get a limb unstuck or move her head out of the corner. 
- She is still a horrible napper.
- Her night time sleeping patterns are still constantly changing.  We had about 5 days of sleeping 11 or 12 hours with no interruptions.  That was followed by a couples days of getting up 4 or 5 times.  
- She has two teeth! (The bottom middle ones). 
- She has a serious case of stranger anxiety :(  Almost any time Andrew or I hand her off to anyone else, she starts sobbing.  It's so sad!  I hope this is just a phase that she'll get over soon.
- She will eat most anything we feed her except green beans or any type of meat - these she absolutely refuses! 
-Currently we feed her solids twice a day. A fruit and rice cereal in the morning, and a veggie and rice cereal in the evening.
 - Her hair is coming in quite nicely.  I love it! 
- She has started to reach for us to pick her up. 
- She loves walking when we hold her hands.  Her favorite is when Dad takes her around a corner so she can't see me (or visa versa).  I call for her, she walks toward my voice, and she gets so excited when she finds me! 

Here you can see her two teeth!

Rylee is such a happy, little girl, and we love watching her personality come through more and more each day.  She is constantly learning new things, and it is amazing to see her grow and develop.  Andrew and I live for her smile and her precious little laugh.  Being her parents is truly such a blessing!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Pool Day!

On Saturday we took Rylee to the pool for the first time.  She did great! She loves bath time - she's constantly kicking her feet and splashing like crazy.  I'm always soaked by the end of it.  So we weren't surprised that she loved the pool too!  She was a little startled when she first got into the cold water, but she got over it quickly.  It was so much fun to spend a Saturday morning in the sun with my cute family.  Here are some pictures of the outing.  I was dying with how cute Rylee looked :)

The little diva :)

SO SO fun! We can't wait to go again next weekend.