Thursday, July 17, 2014

Splash Pad Fun

Last Saturday we took Rylee to her first splash pad.  I'm sure it will be the first of countless trips considering it's one of the only things to do outside in Arizona during the summer.  She wasn't too excited about water getting in her face, but other than that she had a really good time!  She also really loved waving and smiling to all the other little kids.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

11 Months

This post is a few days late, but our little Rylee Renee is 11 months old.  Maybe it's late because I'm trying to deny the fact that she'll be 1 next month. I already feel my little baby slipping away from infancy and it makes me sad!  But at the same time it's so exciting to see her become her own person with her distinct personality.  She's such a sweet girl, and she is soo fun to spend my days with.  Not a day goes by where she doesn't make me laugh.  I love this precious girl so much!

- Rylee took her first steps this month!  The most steps we've seen her take is 6.  She's quite capable of walking, but she's very cautious and not super interested just yet.  She'll only walk if we can get her distracted by something and let go of her hands.  She'll stand for a bit alone and then realize we've let go and walk towards us so she can grab on again :)  Totally fine by me - take your time Ry Girl!
- She is a wave-a-holic!! She looves waving to anyone she sees.  It's so stinkin' cute.
- We can't tell if she's going to be shy or super outgoing.  She doesn't like to be held by adult strangers.  However, if we go to a play-date or anywhere with other kids, she crawls straight up to them and wants to hold their hand or touch them.  The entire time she's waving like crazy with a huge smile on her face. She loves other babies/kids.  
- Her hair is getting really long! It finally lays down on the top (for the most part), and I can stick it in pigtails in the back (picture below :))
- She refuses to be spoon fed unless we're feeding her yogurt (which she loves) and baby cereal on rare occasion.  For the most part she eats finger foods for every meal and LOVES it.  Her favorite is pasta which makes for lots of baths and lots of clean up for Mom and Dad :)
- She is in a screeching phase and likes to be very loud.
- She gets mad when I take things away from her or don't let her play with the maze of electrical cords under Daddy's desk. 
-  Her new favorite game is finding something that I've hidden under a blanket.
- She is pro at going down the stairs.  It's so cute watching her turn around when she approaches them and then back up to start crawling down. 
- She's in a very messy phase.  She loves pulling things out of any container until the container is empty.  She doesn't even look at what she's grabbing.  She just grabs it and throws it over her shoulder.  There are piles of things I have to clean up during her naps.  All the clothes folded on a shelf, all the toys in a bin, all the shoes on the rack, etc.  She also loves picking up her food and dropping it in her chair or over the side of the tray.  We're trying to teach her that this is a no-no!
- She has 6 teeth.  The top 4 middle ones and the bottom 2 middle ones.
- She loves being chased.  She screams and laughs and crawls away.  It's my favorite :)
- She loves story time with Mom or Dad, but she also loves sitting quietly on the floor and flipping through books by herself.  A big portion of everyday is spent with her books.  I love it. 
- She's growing up so quickly, and her dad and I are completely in love with her.

See what I mean? Messy messy!
I'm all done making a mess, will you pick me up now?!

She loves the fun puzzles at the library
She loves her books! 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July

The 4th of July was Rylee's last first holiday.  I freak out when I think that she'll be 1 next month! So crazy.  It was so fun to dress her up in her festive dress for the day.

The day started with a 5k for everyone but Rylee and I.  If we could have fit our jogging stroller in the car for our trip, I might have joined them ;) But we loved waiting at the finish line and cheering everyone on!

Yay Daddy!
I got a picture of everyone as they were about to cross the finish line, but Grandma was the only one who looked at us and smiled, so she's the only one who gets to be in the blog ;) 

There was music and food and lots of booths and free stuff after the race.  Rylee loves big events like this where she can observe everything and crawl/walk(holding our hands) everywhere.  

The runners (and Rylee).  They did awesome!

Afterwards, we rushed back to the condo, packed everything up, and checked out.  Andrew, Rylee, and I headed straight to my parents' house.  We love the 4th of July in Redlands!  We had lunch with my family and hung out a bit but spent a good part of the day taking turns waiting in line at the U of R for the fireworks! (Thanks to everyone else for waiting in line.  Rylee and I were spoiled and stayed home :))

Andrew's family joined us at the U of R for the show!  

How big is Rylee?!  Soooo big!

We weren't sure how Rylee would react to the fireworks, but she LOVED them! She was totally mesmerized and kept trying to reach out and grab them.

I love the 4th of July, and I'm so glad we got to spend it with our families.  

California Trip Part 2

The rest of the week at the condo was wonderful - such a perfect vacation for our family!  I'm already so excited for next year :)

We enjoyed lots of lounging,


watching the world cup,

pool time,

and a couple early morning breakfast trips to Ruby's for their amazing cinnamon roll French Toast. 

Rylee enjoyed the view of the ocean while we waited for our breakfast
We went kayaking one day.  Unfortunately I didn't get any group pictures.  Or any good pictures for that matter.  All I got was this selfie...

We spent a day at Catalina Island.  Rylee enjoyed the boat ride over there :)

Just like our beach day, she was fighting sleep, but she finally dozed off on our walk to the snorkeling sight.  Grandma and Grandpa stayed with Rylee while the rest of us snorkeled.  It was so awesome!!  We were completely surrounded by fish most of the time.

We enjoyed the island for the rest of the day until the boat came to take us back. 

By the end of the day, Rylee was wide awake but exhausted.  Andrew was the one who successfully finally got her to sleep.

Up next - our busy and wonderful 4th of July.  Coming in a post soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rylee's First Beach Day

Taking Rylee to the beach was so fun!  She loved grabbing handfuls of sand and letting it fall through her fingers.  She was really excited about the ocean waves and would practically run toward them, but she wanted to be picked up as soon as they rushed over her feet.  I think the water was a little colder than she is used to :)

We love California!