Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vertuccio Farms

Last Saturday we went to the Fall Festival at Vertuccio Farms, and we had a blast.  Rylee is at the age where these things bring her so much excitement and happiness, and it is soo much fun watching her have such a good time :)  She ran around squealing and pointing and giggling the entire time because she loved it so much.  We spent a good amount of time with the farm animals.  She wasn't afraid of them at all and would walk straight up to a chicken or pig or goat and say, "HI!"  She loved them.  She also loved the giant tube slide that she went down on either Andrew or my lap.  As we walked up the stairs to get to the top, she said, "Slide! Slide! Slide!"  over and over and over again.  Every time we walked away from it, she cried because she loved it so much.  Sorry for so many pictures, but we truly had so much fun!

Fun little train ride.  I sat in the car in front of them so I could snap pictures :)

She loved climbing all over the pumpkins

This was a spider's net that you could bounce on.  Rylee sat in one corner and bigger kids bounced all around her.  She held on tight, and thought it was so fun :)

Rylee and I sat on one side of the see-saw, and Daddy sat on the other.  She loved it!

She looks less than thrilled, but I promise she absolutely loved it.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Phoenix Temple

On one of Andrew's days off, we went to the Phoenix temple open house.  It is so fun that we've been able to take Rylee through three temple open houses during her short life.  She was a little baby during her first one (Gilbert), so she was just wide eyed and looked around the entire time.  The second one (Ogden), she was learning to walk, so she wanted to walked through the whole thing.  This time, she was a bit older and appreciated the details more.  We held her through the whole thing, and she pointed to every picture of Jesus.  She also loved everything sparkly inside :)  I love to see the temple, and I'm so grateful to know that because of it, my family can be together for all eternity.

Riverview Park

Andrew took Monday and Tuesday off to celebrate the end of busy season.  It was wonderful.  I LOVE the end of busy season :)  On Tuesday morning we headed to Riverview park and splash pad and seriously had so much fun.  Rylee loves hanging out with her daddy.  We played on the jungle gym while we were waiting for the splash pad to open.  It's so fun now that Rylee is big enough to maneuver it on her own, and she loves doing it.  Also, it kind of amazes me how much she loves the splash pad.  She squeals and giggles the entire time :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

14 Months

Rylee is 14 months old, and I feel like she just grew up over night.  She definitely isn't my baby anymore, and she seems like such a big girl.  She is at such a fun age, and we feel so blessed to have her in our family.

- For the most part, she is very obedient!  She often walks up to something that she's not sure if she's supposed to touch.  She'll look at us, and if we tell her not to touch it, she usually leaves it alone and walks away.  If we tell her to put something away, she'll do it!
- One day, out of the blue, she started talking, and it's crazy how many words she has learned since then.  So far she knows 10 words - Mom, Dad, hi, shoe, ball, go, clock (sometimes pronounced without the 'l'), baby, eye, more.  She uses all these words correctly, and gets sooo excited whenever she can use them. Her doctor said she should know 2-3 words by her 15 month check up :) 
- She also says 'side' whenever she wants to go outside. Not sure if I can count this as a word she knows since it's really only half of a word :)  But she uses it correctly!  She pounds on the front door and says, "side, side, side" over and over again.  I tell her to go get her shoes and she gets super excited and runs to get them.  We put them on and then we run outside.  She LOVES going outside.  Good thing it has finally cooled down here.  
- About a week ago, we were going through some flash cards with pictures on them.  Rylee loves to flip through them as I say the words.  We got to one with a picture of a clock on it. Rylee looked at me excitedly and then pointed to the clock on the wall.  I was so amazed that she made that connection! Such a smarty pants :) That's when she learned the word 'clock,' and now she points to clocks wherever we go and says "clock! clock!"  She gets sooo excited.  
- She loooves babies.  It's super cute, but kind of scary!  She just wants to hug and squeeze them whenever she sees them and seriously won't leave their side unless I drag her away. 
- She has 8 teeth - the 4 middle ones on the top and bottom.  Her first molar has started to break through (finally) and her gums there are super swollen.  It looks awfully painful.  Poor thing. 
- We went to some friends' house the other day and they have a cat.  Rylee wouldn't stop squealing because she was so excited to see it!  She chased it around laughing and squealing, and she seriously was SO happy. 
- She's a very cautious girl which I'm grateful for :) But she also doesn't get scared easily.  She isn't scared by the vacuum, big dogs, loud noises, etc.
- She loves playgrounds, and she is obsessed with the slide.  She climbs up the stairs and goes down the slide on her tummy over and over and over again.  
- She can be quite cuddly, and she gives hugs when you ask for them (most of the time :)).  I LOVE it.  She loves to cuddle blankets or stuffed animals and usually falls asleep cuddling something.
- We're finally down to a pretty consistent one nap routine.  She usually wakes up at 6;30, goes down for her nap at noon, sleeps for 2 hours and 15 minutes, and then is asleep between 7:30 and 8.  So all together she gets about 13 hours of sleep a day. 
- She loves opening and closing doors and loves being chased.
- She usually wants her daddy when we're doing something fun and wants her mommy when she's sad, sleepy, or around people she doesn't know.

Her first taste of horchata. She loved it

Sometimes we're still sleepy during breakfast.

But she'll always give me a cheesy smile!

Just hanging out at kids club at the mall.  She loves feeling like a big girl.

She loves the free carousel ride on Thursdays at the kids club.

She loves using her stacker rings as bracelets.  Also, she has mastered this toy.  She's pro at taking all the rings off the stick and putting them all back on :) 

She had a really hard time staying asleep one day during her nap, so I held her through the end of it.  I haven't held her during a nap in forever, so I loved it :)

SO excited about the balls in front of Target.  She kept yelling "ball! ball!"

She spent a good twenty minutes picking up sand and dumping in on her lap. 

Other than her very first bath, she has never hated bath time.  But it didn't used to take very long before she was ready to get out.  The past month she has absolutely loved it! She would stay in forever if we let her.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

13 Months

I hadn't planned on continuing the monthly updates after Rylee turned one, but she just changes so much and is growing up so quickly!  I don't plan on doing the photo shoot, and these may not happen every single month, but for now I wanted to jot down some things about Rylee.  She is such a big girl, and holy cow she is SO. MUCH. FUN.  Andrew and I can hardly believe how much personality she has and how stinkin cute she is.

All About Rylee at 13 months:
-  She doesn't crawl at all anymore.  She can stand up in the middle of a room and practically runs everywhere.  It's like she has been walking her whole life.
-  Because of the previous point, church can be quite a challenge!  She doesn't want to sit still for more than a couple minutes, let alone 3 hours :)  Other than the fact that we walk the halls a lot, she actually does quite well and loves being there to see all the people.
-  She literally cracks me up all day with her talking lately.  She looks at me with the most serious face and says a long sentence of what sounds like actual words and then just stares at me like she's waiting for a response.  I honestly start laughing every time because she's so serious about it!  I'm convinced she thinks she's actually saying something, and she's trying to explain something to me!
- Even though she doesn't say a lot of {real} words yet, our communication is getting more advanced!  She understands most of what we say to her, and for the most part we understand what she wants.  She points to whatever she wants, and she shakes her head yes or no.  It's so nice being able to communicate a little bit :)
- She is such a dancer! She freaks out whenever a song comes on and dances like crazy to it. Her favorite thing lately is spinning.  She'll just spin and spin and spin...
- She copies sounds constantly.  When I say something, she frequently repeats the ending sound.  She also says "Whoa!!" all the time.
- When we say, "One, Two..."  she yells "threeee!!!"
- She says, "Ba ba" when we ask her what a sheep says and "Mmmm" when we ask what a cow says.  And if we ask her what a fish does, she makes a fish face :)
- She is down to one nap...  I wasn't thrilled to drop a nap, but she has never loved sleeping, so I think it was best.  We had such a good, consistent schedule down when she was taking two naps, but we still haven't settled into a good one nap schedule.  When she goes down and how long she sleeps will vary a lot.  Usually her nap is between 2 and 2.5 hours, but sometimes it's less and on very rare occasions she'll do 3 hours.  She sleeps for about 10.5 hours straight at night.
- I still nurse her 1 or 2 times a day.  I was super nervous to start weaning her, but it has gone pretty well. The first week I had a hard time getting her to drink her whole milk, but now she loves it and loves drinking from her sippy cup.
- She loves her baby doll and loves pretend feeding her a bottle.  Too cute.
- Lately her favorite foods are blueberries, cheese, and pasta.
- She loves her shoes.  She constantly runs to go get them, brings them back to me, and then sits on my lap so I can put them on her.  She also loves being outside.  After I put on her shoes, she'll run to the front door and bang on it begging to go outside.
- She gives the best hugs and still melts my heart when she lays her head on my shoulder :)

And here are a couple pictures from this last month:

This is from the beginning of the month, so her hair is actually a lot longer than this by now.  But I wanted to show how it gets curly in the back.  So cute. 
Still my little book worm.
I'm telling you.  She's soo much fun!

LOVES the swings

She loves helping me unload the dryer

Sleepy eyes and major bed head :)

She went down this slide on her belly about a hundred times last time we played at the mall

She had so much fun at the splash pad

Silly girl - She was playing with her bunny after a nap, and I went to get her.  As soon as I tried to pick her up, she laid down and shook her head "no no!" She's normally so excited to get out of her crib after a nap! 

Blowing mommy kisses in her new hoodie