Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Valance Tutorial

Today's post is about the first project that came out of my little box of fabric.

Our new apartment has been all unpacked and decorated for weeks now, but it has been needing a little something.  I haven't found a valance that I just loved, and they are sooo expensive! So instead, I found some inexpensive fabric that was perfect on fabric.com!  I also got some coordinating fabric for throw pillows (post to come soon!)

I kind of just made this up as I went, but it turned out great!  I thought I would post how I did it so anyone else can follow.  It really is so easy and so worth it.  Here's what I did:

Cut out a piece of fabric (or two) that is 19 inches long and at least double the width of your window.

Most likely you will need to cut out 2 pieces.  Pin these pieces right side together, and then sew them together with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Iron down your seam so it is flat.

Now you have one very long piece of fabric.  (That's the only slightly difficult part of this project.  There's a lot of fabric to work with.  Be patient :))

Now double fold the 2 short ends and sew along it to make the side hems.  Press

Next, fold down a 1/2" and press all along the top of your valance
For some reason, I couldn't get this picture to rotate.  But that is the top of the valance.

Then, take the top and fold it down 3.5" inches all the way along the top.  Measure and pin as you go.  (This measurement may need to be adjusted according to your tastes and your curtain rod.  I wanted about 2 inches at the top of my valence, and my curtain rod was a little more than an inch in circumference.  If your curtain rod is bigger or smaller, you may want to change this measurement. )

Next, sew along the bottom of this folded down piece.  I used the right edge of the foot as a guide.

Then, sew however far up is needed to fit your rod inside the pocket.  

After this step, the front will look like this:

and the back will look like this:

The last step is the hem the bottom!  I did a blind hem, but a regular hem would be fine too

This is what it looks like when you're done sewing.

Stick your sewing rod into the opening, and hang it above your window!

Then, make coordinating pillows to match! (I'll show you some more that I have made/am making soon!)



  1. You're crazy! I could never do that... I'm just not cute enough. :( Haha. Way to go, you are just too cool!

  2. They look fabulous! Adds just the right splash of color to the room.

  3. Hi hun. Just wanted to let you know that I featured this on my blog today. I would love it if you could check it out :)


    - Adele @ Mammy Made