Friday, October 19, 2012

Candy Corn Bunting

The other day I was decorating our home for Halloween.  When you sit in our front room, you can see the back of some of the cupboards that are in our kitchen (that probably didn't make sense, but you can see what I mean in these pictures).  I immediately thought - some cute Halloween bunting would look great there. And then it hit me.  Candy corn is triangular shaped.  How cute would that be for bunting?!  It was one of those rare, glorious moments in my life when I came up with a great crafty idea without looking at Pinterest first.  I immediately made plans to buy some supplies the next time I went to a craft store.

This was a super easy and super inexpensive project!
Here's what you need:

1 - 9"x12" sheet of orange felt
1 - 9"x12" sheet of white felt
1 - 9"x12" sheet of yellow felt
orange ribbon (or whatever color you want)
coordinating thread

Step 1:  Gather all of your materials

Step 2:  Cut each piece of felt into four 2 1/4" strips. Each piece will now be 2 1/4" x 12".  I used a rotary cutter and a yard stick to make sure my strips were perfectly straight.

Step 3:  Pin each orange strip to a white strip so there is no overlap but they are right next to each other.  

Step 4: Zig-Zag the strips together making sure that the needle alternates going through each strip. 

Step 5:  Pin each yellow strip to each orange strip and zig zag together. You should now have 4 sheets of felt that look like this:

Step 6: Cut out a paper template that is 4 inches at the top and 9 inches long.  Pin it to the end of one of the sheets and cut it out your triangle.  Each sheet should give you 5 triangles.  

Each sheet gives you 3 with one color at the top and 2 with the other color.  Make sure you alternate which one has more yellow and which one has more white so you end up having the same number of each kind.  

 Step 7:  Pin your ribbon to the tops of your triangles, and sew along the ribbon.

That's it! Now hang it up! A super easy, inexpensive, and cute project!  It was just what I needed to add a little Halloween cheer to that side of the room :) Plus, it can stay up for Thanksgiving too!

Happy Decorating!


  1. Great idea!!! That is so cute- awesome tutorial! I love when I randomly have a good idea (very, very rare!) It really adds a lot to those wonderfully tan cupboards :) Oh, what we do to dress up our apartments :)